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  1. Peanut butter cookies. Peanut butter cookies.
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  2. khakiscarmel:

    New J. Lawrence trim-fit trousers for fall

    We’re really excited about our new J. Lawrence private label trousers for fall at Khaki’s of Carmel. Designed by Jim Ockert, these have a trimmer leg and slightly lower rise. We’re doing two new fabrics in a total of seven different colors. In a donegal wool we have a beautiful mid-blue and mid-brown, both half-lined to the knee. And our brushed cotton trousers offer a great casual alternative to khakis for the fall with a soft touch and our signature charcoal belt loop on the back. Brushed cotton colors include olive green, curry yellow, chocolate brown, tan and navy.

    All of our trousers feature taped seams along the seat, oxford shirting cloth pocket bags and an interior pleated waistband to improve the longevity of the trouser. And, of course, they’re hand made in Brooklyn, N.Y., exclusively for Khaki’s of Carmel. 

  3. beyondfabric:

    Tricker’s x End. Bourton Derby Brogue

    Again an outstanding delivery from the evergoing colaboration between End Clothing and Tricker’s, this time reinventing a timeless derby shoe with brogue detailing. Available in navy and antique brown and featuring Tricker’s usual high-quality standard, this version comes pimped with contrasting waxed white laces for extra flare. Check them here.

  4. creativehouses:

Penthouse Living Room in Vancouver

Penthouse Living Room in Vancouver
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    Penthouse Living Room in Vancouver

  5. fuckyeahhandtattoos:

Zach Nelligan
  6. ticopolotatuado:

Sam Ricketts @samrickettstattoo


    Sam Ricketts

  7. earlyware:

Simon Ålander


    Simon Ålander

  8. themodernexchange:

Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon Jam


    Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon Jam

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  9. High Resolution

    (Source: earlyware, via herpaperweight)